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What is 


HIC is an enjoyable, high-yield, practice-changing full day, in-person CME program focused explicitly on advanced vascular access and the management of critically ill, hypotensive patients. 


HIC combines ~3 hours of pre-course lectures (asynchronous) with a full day of in-person teaching. Brief focused pre-course lectures will review "The 1st 20 Minutes", Priorities in Peds, Trauma and Sepsis, Pressor Pearls, Practical Central Line Anatomy, Crisis Resource Management, and much more!


The in-person day combines small group, hands-on sessions using simulation mannequins. Added are case reviews centred around the pre-course lectures - a true 'flipped classroom'. 

You will practice placing central line after line (IJ, subclavian and femoral). You will see the value of ultrasound, practice intra-osseus insertion and review transvenous pacemaker insertion. You will be able to troubleshoot and talk through real cases of patients presenting in shock. You learned the principles pre-course - now you get to put them to use. 

By the end of the course, you will have mastered not only the skill of central line insertion, but also reviewed the ‘where, when, why and how’ of caring for critically ill patients. Your confidence in managing these incredibly sick patients will be significantly greater by the end of the day. Take these skills to the bedside and you will save lives!

HIC faculty are amazingly collegial emergency physicians with experience in community and rural EDs. They combine clinical and teaching excellence to make your CME experience both enjoyable and rewarding. 

Accreditation: Approved for 27 Mainpro credits by the CFPC. 

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